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Live streaming with VideoJS

My VideoJS focused follow up to the video streaming tutorial I wrote for Red Hat's

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DIY Live Video Streaming Server

A tutorial I wrote for Red Hat's on building your own live streaming server on Linux and FreeBSD.

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Imaging with FOG

A tutorial I wrote for Red Hat's on setting up and using the FOG Disk Cloning solution.

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Create your own FOG-IN-A-BOX

Learn how to create your own portable FOG server for any ad-hoc deployment needs.

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Build a simple, fast OS for K-12 Education

Learn how to create your own CorvOS spin; a custom spin of Xubuntu geared for K12 education.

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Featured In

Linux at West Branch

A fellow Linux admin wrote an article about our big Linux based intiative at the West Branch Area SD.

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4 Linux-Forward Schools

Our Linux initiative was featured on Red Hat's

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Refreshing old computers with Linux

My friend, Andrew Dobbie, is a teacher in Canada who has been repurposing old computers and giving them to schools in need. I'm very proud to have helped with the technology behind this great progam.

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